Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Proper Order of Seasons

My novel is nearing completion. A good friend of mine went through createspace and I decided to give it go because her YA fantasy book came out really beautiful. There was nothing to lose and though formatting gave me fits, I got ‘er done. I have submitted a query to a literary agent and to a publishing house as well. Two queries are not much, I know and I’m not all that hopeful about it. Maybe I’ll send out more. Maybe I’ll just go with createspace because I love the look of the book. Love the cover and I think the interior of it looks darn good. 

Just wanted to share it. More information will follow soon. love the art. can you believe this is createspace/amazon and little ole me made this? Yeah, I’m pretty proud. I’ve had so pretty good reviews from readers ~ always lovely to hear! I’ll share a few soon.  xx

  • Sara Hanson The Chosen Young Adult Fantasy Novel *Find it on Amazon

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

a little more about the novel...

Posted to my IG account: 

Storyboard vision in pictures. :)


Nathaniel Keegan: Confederate Soldier   


Book Cover For Novel

This is a public domain painting of the Texas Hill Country which is where the novel is set. I am not delving in deeply with terrain, landscape, weather ~ the setting is second to the story which is about family dynamics and relationships. I would love to effuse poetically about it all as I do love reading such things. But of course everything in moderation. 

I am warming up to the concept of Ebooks and self-publishing which is really something I was against for a very long time. I had an all or nothing attitude, wanting only publishing througn a well-known publishing house and getting a literary agent. I am shy and I think doing things on my terms and not having my back against the wall is so much better for my disposition. 

Marketing will be the wrench in the gears. How to get noticed and how to sell your book... I always hope:  if it is good, they will buy. :)

I have had this dream for many, many years and have been writing since I was eleven years old. Not brilliant, but authentic. That seems to be my word not just for the year, but forever & always.  Authentic. I hope you (when it is ready for the reading and you do me the honor of buying it) find it to be a moving & authentic read.  I hope in this novel I have given that to you. 

A thank you to my friends, brilliant native american women writers who touched my heart, gave encouragment & inspiration to me in the western genre, especially Pat ~ JP Maynor. 

Toksa ake

Kim xx

My Novel: The Proper Order of Seasons 
                 Kimberly Baker Jacovich 


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Stories

I have written several long pieces ~ novel length stories in different " fandoms ."   I have written in 3 fandoms: Magnificent 7, The Big Valley, and Lancer.

My stories are set in this Television Series Universe, but the stories are original, although some of the characters do not belong to me.

       Better Place

**  To See You Again  **Novel

       See No Evil

For If The Fall & A Mother's Bouquet

For If The Fall ~ novel
A Mother's Bouquet ~ short story

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Untitled Poem

A choice I made
A choice unsure
I pray the journey
I can endure

Afraid of fear
Afraid to turn
I look behind me
My bridge dost burn

I look ahead
A distant black
I rub at my eyes
i shan't look back

kimberly baker jacovich


Friday, September 25, 2015

The song remains the same

I saw you today
because I didn't know how not to
My fingers snake each other
beneath the diner formica table as you speak
in that torpid way of yours
coming from that ancient face 
older than years lived
you speak of lithium 
and lipitor and thyroid meds
and I listen
and then I get the better of me 
telling myself not to dig too deeply
no fifth degree~
not wanting to be played for a fool 
knowing you know how I feel anout truth, but
not knowing the game
the ins and outs of addiction
talking about lipitor of all things
not peach snapple and vodka 
not over-medicating yourself into oblivion
and I need to avert my eyes while you eat
as tuna sandwich detritus 
sticks to a flaccid mouth
dropping to your lap and
when the check comes
you miscalculate 
can't add and I feel no shame telling you
what you owe
 because I am angry and hurt and sickened
as you sing into your purse 
looking for your money
talkng about your smart phone bill
being $500 dollars for one month about apps that remained on 
and your innocence
it was verizon and 
truth never surfaces
never sees the light of day
as you apologise
about being on drugs
about being in a bad place
about your sorrow 
and the whole time knowing you lie, you are lying
and we make another lunch date for next week or the week after next
and I wonder how you fill your days
but prefer not knowing
because it won't matter
it won't change because
"the song remains the same"
and I listen while
my hands roil beneath the diner formica table

kimberly baker jacovich

Choice ~
in anger
years go
stepping lightly
moment by moment
no laughter
no joy
only familiarity 
too many years
with you

Kimberly Baker Jacovich   10.3.12

Thursday, September 17, 2015


There is a book. . . 

I might someday write,
Have begun to write, 
Fear tremendously, regret often, loathe vehemently, love fiercely (on those few bright days), hope to complete before my own "slapstick coming to an end".*

*ivan vladislavic
the loss librayry and other unfinished stories