Monday, September 14, 2015

release the mourning

my grandfather gone twenty-five years came to me in my dreams last night.  he was sitting in his kitchen on an old chair.  the room size was accurate but it appeared run down, a hovel, dark, with no furniture, but the one chair he was seated. it was perhaps, how it must look this day.  i don't know for certain, the house sold and bought many times.  a historical home now, at least in age, well over a 125 years.

but that wasn't important in the dream or at least i didn't believe so.  when i quickly looked up the meaning of dreams, seeing your deceased grandfather meant a happy life, which was an odd relief as my scot grandmother had sown seeds of superstition in me, now rooted and vibrant.

and then suddenly i realized why my grandfather had come to me. it was to me like an admonishment of sorts, having been floundering lately, sorrowed and unsure, hearing his voice in my head saying, "look around you here in my house, in my kitchen.  remember in your heart, in your mind, how life use to be, yet this is how it is now.  this house is the past, a good joyous life had, but now you must embrace your own life, your own family, your own home, your own time.  i am your grandfather. i gave to you then, i give to you now ~ your happy life. embrace it! live it!

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